Friday, September 25, 2009

Shopping trips

I went to a class in August and learned how to become a 'couponer'. I signed up for my 5 newspapers, yes, five....and now I am reaping the benefits. I love doing this!!! My pantry is so full right now, we could probably live on everything in it for 3 to 4 months. Now we have been talking about needing a small freezer in the garage for more stuff!!!

Anyhooo, my trip today consisted of 20 items for a whopping total of $5.70. I saved $54.20!!!
I used a coupon for each thing, plus 3 doublers at Alberstons. Not too shabby!! Cha-ching, money in the Disneyland fund!!!

This trip cost me $4.93, a total savings of $45.07


Stocking up on cereal, quick easy breakfast now that it's back to school!!
Spent $12.76, and saved $29.53.
This trip I spent $45.59, which is more than normal, but I saved a total of $65.27 and I received $15.50 OYNSO (on your next shopping order).
9/3/2009 #2

I am going to start a running total in October, now that I know it works!!  From what recepits I can find for September, I have spent $190.51 and saved $399.45.  A lot of that was stocking up on cereal for breakfast, lunch snacks to pack in Hannah's lunches, soup for the upcoming cold months, and any healthy frozen items.  Yes there is chocolate, but hey, if there is no pay off for me to do all this shopping, then what's the point ??? :0)

If anyone out there is interested and hasn't done this sort of thing before, I use Fistful of Coupons to print my grocery list with all the deals on it.

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MARISA said...

Wow, amazing! I have a few friends that have sent me to this website, but starting is scary for me. Did you just start clipping? And 5 newspapers? I'd love to hear more from a personal friend, if you have time can I call you? my email is if you want to send me your #. Thanks, I'm excited to start saving some $$$.